Student Life

Computer Science and Engineering is at the heart of almost everything in today’s world. Be it in communications, transport, financial services, publishing, medicine, agriculture or numerous other fields, IT solutions designed by CSE professionals have sped up and simplified the work of many other professions, allowing us to live the way we do today.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Moratuwa is the only state­run institution in Sri Lanka to offer Degree programs in Computer Science and Engineering, at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels. However, this is but one reason to study at CSE.

Quality Teaching

Our academic staff, many of whom are alumni of the department is a dedicated, passionate group who seeks to impart both the knowledge and wisdom they have gained from many years of experience in both industry and academia to the students. In addition to their teaching and research responsibilities, many staff members are also engaged as consultants for projects involving CSE solutions both in Sri Lanka and abroad, enhancing their ability to provide current and relevant teaching to their students.

Industry Relevance

All curricula at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are designed in accordance with current industry best practice, ACM/IEEE guidelines, and in consultation with CSE professionals both here and abroad. This ensures that graduates possess the skills and knowledge to transit seamlessly into the workforce and function effectively both now and in the future.

Laboratory Facilities

The department possesses a number of computer labs that meet the academic purposes of all students and staff, with modern machines, broadband access, and software. In addition, wireless access to the Internet is available throughout the department.

Research Opportunities

The Department places a strong emphasis on research, with ongoing projects in the areas of computational intelligence, machine learning, distributed systems, e­learning, computer security and computation in local languages. Students have the ability to participate in these projects and have access to the latest hardware and developer tools from organizations such as Microsoft to assist them in their endeavours.

Avenues for Futher Studies

The Department offers a number of postgraduate qualifications that enable students to further enhance their employment prospects or their academic interests. These include MSc programs in Research and Computer Science, as well as MBA programs in IT and e­Governance. Moreover, studying at the department will provide students wishing to carry out further studies abroad the contacts and knowledge base necessary for success in such ventures.